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Meet Dr. Jacob Reesor: Your Evidence-Based Chiropractor in Murray, Utah

Dr Jacob Reesor DC MSDr. Jacob Reesor is more than just a chiropractor; he’s a Utah native, a dancer, a runner, and above all, a dedicated healthcare professional. Originating from Sandy and an alumnus of Alta High School, Jacob embarked on his academic journey at Salt Lake Community College. Juggling his studies with a hands-on construction job, his tenacity and ambition led him to the esteemed University of Western States Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon. Here, he acquired a comprehensive understanding of the human body, securing a Bachelor’s in Human Physiology, a Master’s in Sports Medicine, and ultimately, a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2017.

Outside the clinic, Jacob is a loving husband to Makayla and a doting father to their 3 children. His passion for ballroom dancing persisted for 7 years, post which he delved into long-distance running, marking numerous half marathons and 5k races on his journey. His love for the outdoors is evident in his fondness for water skiing, dirt biking, and fishing.

Why Choose Dr. Reesor’s Chiropractic Care?

At our clinic, evidence reigns supreme. We harness cutting-edge research to devise treatments unique to each patient, ensuring rapid and risk-free recovery. A distinct element of Dr. Reesor’s modus operandi is the avant-garde Flexion Distraction Technique. This non-invasive method is tailored to augment spinal motion, addressing ailments like disc bulges and herniations. Using a unique adjustment table, the spine is gently decompressed, reinstating alignment and boosting mobility.

Advantages of the Flexion-distraction technique encompass:

  • Regulating spinal disc pressure
  • Expanding the spinal canal
  • Bettering posture and enhancing motion range in spinal joints and extremities
  • Alleviating stress on spinal nerves
  • Elevating circulation and neural communication

Our promise is your wellness. We shun generic packages. Instead, we coalesce, pinpointing the most apt solution for your specific ailment—even if it suggests avenues outside our purview. After all, accelerating your recovery is our prime mission.

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