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Acoustic wave therapy is a clinically-studied method for treating chronic pain. Many studies have proved its effectiveness in treating chronic pain. Currently, it’s among the most popular non-invasive techniques of chronic pain healing. No injections, no medications, and no anesthesia are required. The side effects are minimal.
Is it the right solution for you? That depends on what you are seeking to treat. For conditions such as epicondylitis (AKA golf/tennis elbow), plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff tendinitis, jumper’s knee, and achilles tendinitis, the success rate varies between 60% to 80%. Professional therapists can also suggest exercises alongside acoustic wave therapy to accelerate healing.

Studies on the Effectiveness of Wave Therapy for Pain

Acoustic wave therapy is also known as extracorporeal shockwave therapy. It’s been studied continuously for the last decade. Most studies observe that this therapy positively impacts the patient’s well-being. The decrease in pain is significant, and the results last for the long term. Here are some studies on the effectiveness of acoustic wave therapy for pain.

Acoustic Wave Therapy for Lower Back Pain

This study was conducted on 30 people with lower back pain. The patient had back pain for over three months. Researchers ensured that the root cause for the pain was more or less the same. None of the participants has any special conditions such as compression fractures, spinal tumors, etc., causing the pain. Following the therapy, the mean VAS, ODI, and BDI scores were reduced by 3.4, 19.6, and 7.1 points respectively.

For Neck and Upper Back Pain

For this study, researchers divided the participants into three groups. Each group had 24 participants with neck and upper back myofascial pain. For four weeks each, the first group was treated with shockwave therapy. The second group received standard care (ultrasound + hot pack + self-stretch exercises). The third group performed self-stretch exercises.

Shockwave therapy and ultrasound treatment showed comparable in the first three weeks. During the 4th week, shockwave therapy recipients healed faster than ultrasound recipients. The self-stretch exercises group saw the least improvement.

Therapy Chronic Calcifying Tendinitis of the Shoulder

195 patients with calcifying tendinitis of the shoulder were divided into four groups. The first group was a control group. The other three groups were formed according to the shock-wave energy levels.

Upon revisiting the patients six months later, researchers observed that the patients treated with high-energy shock waves made the most progress. Their pain reduced by 58% after two high-energy sessions. At the same time, the control groups saw as low as 5% pain relief. The radiological disintegration of calcification in the study was also dose-dependent.

Other Studies

Other studies report the effectiveness of shockwave therapy for treating tennis elbow and myofascial pain syndrome of the trapezius. These studies show that acoustic wave performs better than ultrasound and laser therapy.

How Acoustic Wave Therapy Provides Pain Relief

A high-energy pulse-emitting device is placed on the skin to administer acoustic wave therapy. The pulses travel deep into the tissues and promote the healing of muscles, bones, tendons, and soft tissues. It can heal different types of pain by:

~ Promoting New Blood Vessel Formation
~ It improves blood supply in the affected area to promote healing.
~ Reversing Chronic Inflammation
~ It provides relief from chronic inflammation by restoring natural healing
~ Stimulating Collagen Production
~ The body needs sufficient collagen to heal damaged my-o-skeletal and ligamentous structures. The therapy corrects collagen deficiency.
~ Dissolving calcified fibroblasts
~ It biochemically dissolves fibroblasts to heal tendons.
~ Dispersing pain mediation (substance P)
~ It reduces the concentration of substance P in an area, reducing pain perception
~ Releasing trigger points
~ It releases trigger points to unblock blood flow and reduce waste accumulation

In Conclusion

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