Veteran Appreciation month

May is Veteran appreciation month.

Here at Vector Spine and Sport we give back to the veteran community by working as one of the VA approved providers for the VA community care partners. What this means is that for veterans who are seen at the VA medical center who are unable to get an appointment to see the VA chiropractor in a reasonable amount of time, can choose to been seen at a participating chiropractor.

Veterans put their bodies through the ringer, with the training they go through and in the line of duty. Many accumulate lots of little injuries and sometimes large injuries that cause the veteran to compensate to avoid pain which can reinforce poor movement patterns. The changes in movement patterns given time can cause imbalances in musculature that could lead to chronic pain and decrease in quality of life.

Through the VA community care we are able to see veterans who would benefit from chiropractic therapies and massage therapy. We enjoy working with those who have served our country, helping them have a higher quality of life. If you or a loved one have any questions about how to start this process, please feel free to call or message us. (801) 456-0352 or at

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