Human beings are creatures of habit. Continuous movements and/or holding patterns can cause the body to pull out of its proper alignment. Some examples include sitting at a desk, carrying a purse on a shoulder or a child on a hip, driving a car, repetitious movements in athletics or the workplace, etc. When our bodies are out of alignment for a long period of time, chronic pain occurs and the chance of injury increases.

Structural Integration is a clinical massage modality designed to help bring the body back into its proper alignment and pairs well alongside Chiropractic care. This supports the  joints and promotes optimal comfort and function of the body.



Overall benefits of massage include:

  • Optimizing your Chiropractic care by preparing your body to more comfortably receive adjustments and to maintain adjustment results for a longer period of time
  • Relieving tension headaches and muscle soreness
  • Reducing and Eliminating pain and inflammation in the body
  • Increasing circulation improving muscle recovery, function and metabolism
  • Balancing bodily systems, improving digestion, lymphatic drainage and balancing sleep and energy levels
  • Alleviating overall stress and helping you feel your best
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